Friday, April 20, 2007

Tuesday, April 20, 1926

Tuesday, April 20, 1926
Fair and warmer

I felt awfully bum today – felt like I might be taking the flu. Took anti cold tabs, etc but ironing was uphill business. I got done however although it was draggy work and I ought to have finished lots sooner, but I had to stop and lie down a while at noon. Ned and Marjorie both still have their head colds. Lots of people are cleaning house and I must get at it as soon as their colds dry up a little. I dread it this year as these two babies will be right with me in the dirt and inhale all of it.

(Eleanor wrote, "This must be spring cleaning season when everyone tried to get the soot and dirt out of their homes. I know I always had to clean the wallpaper."

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Spring housecleaning was very important every year. I can remember all of us kids spending spring vacation cleaning wallpaper, varnishing floors and steps, cleaning windows, and Mother washing curtains. It was kind of exciting accomplishing things."

Also, I've added some additional throughts from Aunt Marjorie to April 18 and April 19.)

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  1. Hard to imagine that any woman today would continue ironing all day feeling sick! They were definitely much heartier and more committed in our grandparents' day!