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Tuesday, April 6, 1926

Tuesday, April 6, 1926

Gilbert went to the office so I stacked my dishes in the sink. Only picked up the muss on the floor and left the cleaning till after my ironing was done thinking that possibly if I hurried I could finish any ironing by noon. So of course I had to get caught – when my house is dirty. Bess came and Gilbert came back – the two crankiest people I now of. Bess has quit Wasson’s and is going back to Crawfordsville to her old place which has changed hands. She feels good over that but the Drs. say she has chronic appendicitis and needs an operation, so that makes her blue. Well I had to stop and get a meal instead of the lunch the boys and I would have had, cleaned up the house and ironed till almost 5 o’clock.

(Grandma noted in her family history that Bess always had a job and supported herself all her life, though she did end up in the county nursing home before she died.

I guess Gilbert was cranky because of the pink eye, and maybe he was sent home work because he still had it.)

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  1. How annoying to have your day planned & someone stops by, unannounced, & ruins everything.