Thursday, April 05, 2007

Monday, April 5, 1926

Monday, April 5, 1926
Cloudy and north wind

Mr. Hile the superintendent of the plant would rather Gilbert stayed home then run the risk of getting the pink eye so he had plenty of his office work here to do and he also watched the baby while I washed. Ned was playing around me and climbed the wire fence. “Oh no Ned, you mustn’t climb that” I said. “I will” sang out Ned, imitating Dale who is not disobedient but tries to be funny. “Don’t do that” I say – “all right I will” he replies but he doesn’t all the same. Dick had the stomach ache this AM yet – all night in fact – and didn’t go to school till noon. Too much Easter candy.

(I guess we have our answer, the boys did get Easter candy. I wonder if Grandma made the candy, like she made the candy for Christmas?

Ned sounds like quite a handful as a two year old, I would guess it didn't help that he had three older brothers to imitate and learn from.)

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  1. I don't think Mother ever made Easter candy. We had the store-bought variety like we do now. I don't ever remember getting enough easter candy to make myself sick tho