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Wednesday, April 7, 1926

Wednesday, April 7, 1926
Warm rain

Felt awfully draggy. I guess I took a little cold washing. Spent all day doing what ought to have been done in half a day. Cleaned up the house thoroughly, put away the clothes, scrubbed and didn’t get to mending till after supper. Sent Dale down to Papa’s office with a sample of Ned’s urine and he came back with the report that his kidneys were ok. However his appetite is poor and he sent some medicine I judge a tonic. Everyone seems about over the pink eye now although several of us seem to have weak eyes yet.

(Remember that Papa was a physician. They seemed to have needed his services quite often. I wonder if other people consulted physicians as often as they did in 1926, or was that just one of the benefits of having a physician in the family?

And even feeling draggy, Grandma seems to get more done in a day than I would. Note she said she "cleaned the house thoroughly".)

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  1. Back in the dark ages when I had 5 little children I also had to do things even when I felt crappy. I remember thinking, if only I had a regular job I'd take a sick day. But when your a mother, there is no thing as a sick day