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Thursday, April 8, 1926

Thursday, April 8, 1926
Cool – rainy – clear in evening

Marjorie let me get a good night’s rest last night and I got up at 5:30 with more pep than usual. Got my work done early – cut out a shirt for Gilbert and then Mama came. She talked and talked and I picked up some mending because I couldn’t do anything else. Marjorie couldn’t sleep, and the day seemed to end in a fizzle in spite of my good beginning. Got a few little odd jobs of mending done – that’s all. Went in the attic and got out my box of short baby clothes for Marjorie and found lots of things that she needs now. She will be on the floor as soon as it is warm enough.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Apparently I was about to start crawling!"

Grandma still seemed to get a lot done in a day! I guess she didn't have distractions of television, the Internet, etc. , just her mother.)

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  1. Did her Mama ever help her with her littlr chores or darning.? Maybe if she had pitched in and help more she might have been more welcome. Did Ruth ever get up the nerve to ask her Mama to sit down & darn, or help in some way? Or would that have been too disrectful.