Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday, November 20, 1925

Friday, November 20, 1925

The boys wanted me to go to school and visit. Dale didn’t insist but Dick cried when I told him I couldn’t. This is education week and all mothers are supposed to visit. So I bundled Marjorie and Ned up and took Albert, too, and walked all the way over there and back carrying Marjorie. A big job but felt repaid when I saw the glad look on Dick’s face and heard the good reports from both teachers. Had so many compliments on my family.

(According to Marjorie, the school was 5 blocks from their house. That's quite a distance to walk carrying a six week old infant and guiding a 2 year old and 5 year old along with you. Since this was a Friday, I assume it was the last day of "education week" and so she had to go on this day, or risk disappointing Dick.

The boys always did well in school. In fact, early in elementary school, Dale was allowed to skip a grade.)

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  1. I remember Mother going to the school on parents night. I realize now what a hardship it was for her as she had very bad feet, bunions and hammertoes, corns and anything else that can happen to your feet. She would soak her feet whenever she could