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Wednesday, November 25, 1925

Wednesday, November 25, 1925

Preparations for Thanksgiving took up the day. Mama came over to “help”. I had a cake baked and four pumpkin pies. She helped me wash up the dishes but didn’t get done till Mrs. Collins came and stayed an hour or so. So I didn’t get the frying, ironing, etc. done till evening. I ironed what we would need after supper.

(They must be expecting quite a few people for Thanksgiving - 4 pies! And still that ironing needed to be done, holiday or not.

Marjorie wrote that she remembered Grandma baking mince meat pies, too. And that she always cleaned out the china closet (cabinet) before Thanksgiving. We don't know if those were the dishes she wrote about washing or if she washed dishes from all the baking.

The china cabinet was in the dining room and is now in my youngest sister's living room. Grandma also had a clock on top of the cabinet which chimed every half hour. My older sister has it in her family room, but it no longer works. I had the clock for awhile but traded it to my older sister so she would stop trying to claim a purple vase, which I coveted. I now have the purple vase! We all seem to have something or other from Grandma that we cherish.)

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  1. When Mother got married the fad was to give the bride & groom one piece of good china regardless of the pattern. So I remember that the "good" china was used for thanksgiving, Christmas or any other special day. Some of the china was Haviland or Bavarian, but all beautiful, fragil, & needing to be washed as the rest of the year it was on show in the china cabinet. Of course it couldn't be put in a dishwasher, if people used dishwashers, which they didn't back then. There was something special about holidays when the good china was out.