Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wednesday, November 18, 1925

Wednesday, November 18, 1925

We are all about sick with these colds or maybe I had better say the babies and I. The three older boys are a trifle better but it is bad anyway as the babies take so much care when they feel bad and I feel bum, too. Mama was over today and turned up the hem of a house dress for me that I started to make before Marjorie was born.

(More colds, they seemed to catch a lot of colds.

Another item I've never owned is a house dress. I assume this was "casual clothing" for wearing around the house, much like our jeans and t-shirts today or maybe like sweat pants and sweat shirts. Although today we'd leave the house in jeans and t-shirts without a second thought, generally in the 1920's, I don't think anyone would leave their house wearing a "house dress".

Did anyone notice that with the new version of Blogger, I figured out how to post some pictures on the sidebar? I thought it would be nice to see Grandma's picture as you read the diary, as a reminder that she was quite real, along with Gilbert and the boys.

With just a few sentences each day, she has given us much insight into what her life was like. Has anyone considered doing the same, writing just a few sentences a day, to leave for their grandchildren to read some day?)


  1. I wonder how many of these "colds" are actually caused by their enviornment, the old coal furnace & other pollutants we are aware of now but weren't aware of then?

  2. I have almost 20 years of journals and wonder what will become of them after I die. Or, should I destroy them before that time? Same thing with all my social media sites. What happens when one dies? Does anyone care what was written?