Thursday, November 23, 2006

Monday, November 23, 1925

Monday, November 23, 1925
Cold and clear

I had to take Marjorie’s baby bunting back and get some wraps that fit her closer and change Dick’s pants for an 8 year size so Bess helped me down as she went home. I wanted to look around at the pretty things but Marjorie got to crying and was pretty heavy on my arm, and Ned wouldn’t go without my leading him so I came home as soon as possible and spent the PM in bed. My cold so bad.

(Sounds like not too good of a day, that Grandma had her hands full, and then some, plus another cold or maybe the same cold she had before.

I was thinking about what Grandma would think if she walked through a Walmart or Target today about what all we have available to buy now. Or if she went to the local mall, what she might think of the number of stores.)

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