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Monday, November 9, 1925

Monday, November 9, 1925

Just as sure as I begin writing Ned comes along and starts to climb on my chair. He surely is a little darling these days. Tries to talk a little. Repeats words after the boys but doesn’t put them together yet. He gets himself understood so why should he? Mrs. Smith called this PM. She makes me feel proud of my flock.

(Mrs. Smith is no relation to Grandma. Aunt Marjorie sent me the following information about her:

“Mrs. Smith was Mother’s Sunday School teacher since she was a kid. Mrs. Smith never had her own children. I remember her buying hair ribbons for Eleanor & me. I remember sitting on the front steps playing jacks with her chauffeur (Luther). When Daddy died (1937), Mrs. Smith sent Luther and her car to take us to the funeral, to the cemetery and back home. I imagine Mac & Marguerite (also close friends) took part of the family.”

I am happy that both my mom (Eleanor) and Aunt Marjorie are adding comments and sharing more info about the people mentioned in the diaries and their own recollections of growing up. Without their additional comments, we would not know who people like “Mrs. Smith” were.

By the way, there are a few references earlier about Grandma’s cousin, Edna. She visited on October 11th to see the baby. Marjorie provided more interesting information about her, which I will share soon.)

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  1. Mrs Smith was the only person who I ever knew had a chauffeur and houseman (Luther), who was Afro-American. Reminds me of the movie driving Ms Daisy. The story about cousin Edna is one I had never heard before. Maybe I was too young or maybe it was one that was 'kept in the closet'