Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thursday, November 12, 1925

Thursday, November 12, 1925

It was a big job but I got my ironing done in one day – and put away, too.

(Marjorie sent me a letter with comments for most of the November diary entries. For today, she noted that she thinks Grandma was still sending the laundry out to be washed at this time. The “wet wash” as Grandma called it, would deliver the laundry to her still damp. She still had to hang it all to dry and, of course, iron everything. But at least she didn’t have to wash the clothes.

Marjorie also confirmed in some other information that Grandma had a roller-type washer, so she did have to stand there and wash the clothes. It was time-consuming.

We’ve noted before that Grandma spent hours and hours washing and ironing their clothes. Marjorie also commented that Grandma was "very particular about her laundry".)

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