Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sunday, November 15, 1925

Sunday, November 15, 1925

The last two Sundays were beautiful days and we expected callers but no one came and today was cold and cloudy and Papa came and Morgan’s with their children. I had been having a little soreness in my throat, but after I talked to them so much my throat was just raw.

(Per Marjorie, the Morgans were John & Aunt Grace, who were life-time friends. Their children were Janet (who was Dick's age) and "Johnny Bob" (who was Albert's age).

Finally, some callers! I'm sure it was a nice 'bonus' that the Morgans came and brought their children for the boys to play with it.)

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  1. What I find interesting, is that today, you would NEVER just drop in on someone without calling and prearranging a visit. Long gone are the days of just going out and about and visiting with people without notice. I think our whole society has changed. We now visit with others via blogs, emails, and cell phones! We may know more about some of our email friends than the neighbor next door!