Monday, November 06, 2006

Friday, November 6, 1925

Friday, November 6, 1925

Marjorie was still fussy and I decided she must be hungry, so gave her the bottle oftener. Mama came over to go to the milliners to get a hat and I went too and struck a bargain. Got a $10 hat for $5. She had so many pretty ones it was hard to decide. Gilbert worked late and it was a good thing, Marjorie was so fussy.

(I used an online calculator to determine what that $5 would be today. It told me that what cost $5 in 1925 would cost $54 dollars today. I just can’t imagine that Grandma spent that much money on a hat and considered it a bargain.

Before she got married, Grandma worked as a milliner in a hat shop, so maybe she just had a greater appreciation for hats?

Someone posted a comment the other day asking if Grandma had a husband (a comment I couldn't post due to Blogger database issues.) Gilbert is Grandma’s husband. The reason I don’t call him Grandpa when I write about him is because he died in 1937, so I never knew him, obviously. It didn’t feel right to call Grandma by her name, Ruth, as I wrote my thoughts, so I choose to refer to them as Grandma and Gilbert. I hope that hasn’t been too confusing.)


  1. You know, I thought I asked about him, I just thought it odd she never mentions him.
    I couldn't post a comment on most of the blogs I read, the other night!
    I can honestly say I only bought a hat once in my life. I still have it, but I cannot imagine ever wearing it!

  2. Hi Carol,
    My mom and I were talking on the phone today, and hats were part of the conversation. She was a kid herself then, but remembers hats on most women in the early thirties, not just for church, but for meetings, streetcars, shopping, and anything in public.

    I guess your grandmother's $5 wasn't a frivolity, but an essential investment!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Mother never went anywhere without a hat. In her older years her hair was extremely thin and fine & she was very sensitive about it. I often wondered if wearing hats all the time would cause the hair to thin, but she finally had to wear a hat to keep warm.