Thursday, November 02, 2006

Monday, November 2, 1925

Monday, November 2, 1925

I ironed quite a bit after I got my house cleaned up. Mrs. Little came after some quinces for a friend. She wanted to see the baby, too. She said this seemed like home to her. She liked it here. Poor woman! Life has not been very joyful for her. I hope my boys do not grow up to be such disappointments.

(We will never know Mrs. Little’s story and what it was about her boys that was such a disappointment. Were they in jail, mooching off of her, hobo’s or what? We don't even know her first name. Well, at least Grandma finally had someone visit!

I remember Grandma having a small quince tree in her back yard when I was little. I wonder if it was the same one.)

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  1. As far as I know there was just one quince tree. She used to add quince to apples for jelly. I think you got taste of the apples but the quince provided bulk so you got more jars of jelly out of the apples. I don't remember what quince by itself tastes like, but I don't recall using the quince by itself. Speaking of bulk, did you know you could grind or shred zuchinni, add a cup full to any cookie mix, then bake the cookies.
    what you get is a larger cookie batch, moister cookies, and no zuchinni taste. A good way to use up all the zuchinni that grows to excess in your veg, garden