Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thursday, November 19, 1925

Thursday, November 19, 1925

An eventful day. The World Books came. There was no kindergarten so Albert had a big time looking at pictures. Also the buses started running and Ned had to watch for them although he was nearly sick. Gilbert opened an account at Goldstein’s and got Ned a new outfit and Marjorie, too. Ned looks beautiful in his, but Marjorie’s isn’t what she needs, I’m afraid.

(Encyclopedias! I'm sure they were well used by the boys.

As for the buses running and Gilbert buying clothes for the children, Marjorie wrote the following "I thought we always had buses running past our house! I don't remember Daddy (GIlbert) ever buying clothes for us girls. He apparently flunked in that respect.")

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  1. Mother didn't seem to like Marjorie's dress. Maybe Daddy was better at picking out boys clothes than girls outfits. I don't have a picture in my mind of him going shopping.