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Sunday, November 8, 1925

Sunday, November 8, 1925
Cold and Fair

A beautiful sunshiny day but so much colder. Last evening it was so warm that we didn’t have many covers on the beds and it turned cold in the night with a strong west wind and the boys slept cold and didn’t tell us till morning. They got damp yesterday and I’m afraid they are in for bad colds. One would expect visitors on a day like this but no one came.

(Marjorie commented that it was unfortunate that her father (Gilbert) did not drive due to his shorter right leg. Otherwise, they could have been the ones to go and visit others, versus waiting at home for friends to visit them. It would have been too expensive to modify a car so he could drive it. so they never owned one. Per Marjorie, when Gilbert walked, he led with his left leg, and drug his right leg up behind him. He wore a special shoe with a built up sole on his right foot to make up for the shorter leg.

They used a coke furnace to heat the house, so it could be they let the fire burn out when it was warmer and then had no heat when it got colder. I’m not sure why those sleeping downstairs wouldn’t have felt the cold the same as the boys sleeping upstairs.)

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  1. One reason they may have been colder upstairs was the windows didn't fit very well.It used to get frosty inside the upstair in cold weather. The only way heat got up there is bacause heat rises, (there were no upstairs registers, just one large one in the middle of the first floor)