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Friday, May 28, 1926

Friday, May 28, 1926

Wanted to get the boys' room cleaned but had to get clothes, etc. ready to go to the May festival of the school at Caleb Mills hall this evening. Each room was represented and they certainly presented a lovely program of song, dances and drills. Dale was in a flag drill but the other two boys' classes were represented by girls only. We took the babies and all went. Marjorie was a little noisy and hard to hold but she wasn’t bad and Ned did fine too till just at the last he got tired. We all enjoyed it very much.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "As I recall Caleb Mills Hall was at Shortridge High School. Apparently, School 54 did not have an auditorium yet.

Grandma graduated from Shortridge High School in 1910 and her graduation program indicates it took place in Caleb Mills Hall, too.

Another famous Shortridge graduate was the author Kurt Vonnegut. He wrote, "“It's my dream of America with great public schools. I thought we should be the envy of the world with our public schools. And I went to such a public school. So I knew that such a school was possible. Shortridge High School in Indianapolis produced not only me, but the head writer on the I LOVE LUCY show. And, my God, we had a daily paper, we had a debating team, had a fencing team. We had a chorus, a jazz band, a serious orchestra. And all this with a Great Depression going on. And I wanted everybody to have such a school.”

Senator Richard Lugar also graduated from Shortridge.

All of Grandma's children graduated from Arsenal Technical High School (If you click on that link, be aware it plays some music.))

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  1. It looks like Ned is listed in the 1941 Tech Legion group.

    And Marjorie is in the 1943 Commencement program.