Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sunday, May 2, 1926

Sunday, May 2, 1926
Cooler in evening

Marjorie slept most all day, seemed to breathe a trifle easier. She must feel better to sleep so. Gilbert took Ned to Sunday school and Ned cried in the baby room but was as still as a mouse in the Men’s class after they took him to Gilbert.

(Ned must have been "daddy's little boy". I always thought that in the 1920's, fathers weren't too involved with their children. I probably got that perception from the movies. Does anyone else have that perception, or just me? But Gilbert seems to be a "hands on" father to take his two-year to church on Sunday.)

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  1. sister with the homestead9:00 AM, May 02, 2007

    What surprises me is that they removed Ned from the baby room and took him to his dad. I would have thought they would have just tried to console him rather than to turn him over to his dad!