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Sunday, May 9, 1926

Sunday, May 9, 1926
Hot – rain – cooler

Mother’s Day – took Marjorie to Sunday school for her first time and finally got the prize for having the youngest daughter there. When Albert, Dick were both little they were the youngest but they never gave the prize to boys, so they didn’t count. But now I have it at last. After Sunday school we went to the folks and I had to give my prize flowers to Mama as I was too poor to buy her anything. Guys came in and brought us home and I was so grateful as I was afraid Marjorie was too cool and would take more cold.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote that Grandma told her the flowers were sweet peas.)

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  1. I hope her mother appreciated the flowers that meant so much to Ruth. She was such a good, sweet soul.
    Remind me, how far apart did they live from each other?