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Sunday, May 16, 1926

Sunday, May 16, 1926
Fair and warm

Gilbert and I with the two babies got the seven o’ clock inter urban for Crawfordsville without any trouble or rush with the three biggest troublemakers gone. Nell and Mike came in to Dad’s for dinner and we took pictures of all the babies. Nell’s poor little twins are so weak and poor. They cry so pitifully and their eyes look so pitiful and their little faces drawn up and wrinkled like little old women. They remind me of Mother Smith the day before she died. Their hands like bird claws. I wish I knew something to do for them. Marjorie was so lively. She rompered all day in the pink of condition, made friends with everybody.

(I had to laugh about Grandma referring to Dale, Dick and Albert as "troublemakers". Marjorie wrote that "the boys must have had to walk about half a mile to Grandpa Smith's house. Grandpa must have met the boys where they got off the interurban", referring to their trip yesterday.

Nell is one of Gilbert's older sisters, and Mike is her husband. The twins were born on Christmas Day 1925, so were just a few months younger than Marjorie. Grandma wasn't too complimentary on how they looked, but I think was genuinely concerned for their health and well-being.)

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  1. Aunt Nell couldn't help but see the contrast between Marjorie & her twins. Poor things must have been hungry. Fortunately they're still alive and in their 80's tho one has altzhimers disease