Friday, May 04, 2007

Tuesday, May 4, 1926

Tuesday, May 4, 1926
Fair and warmer

Dick 1 ½ lbs underweight, his height 49 inches, weight 53 ½ lbs. Dale 1 lb. underweight. His height 53 inches, weight 67 lbs. Albert is 2 ¾ lbs overweight. His height is 44 ½ his weight is 47 ¾ lbs. Wash day. Got done early enough to do quite a bit of ironing, too. Marjorie still has a bad cold but I am hoping warm weather will come and I can put her out in the sum and she will be better.

(This seems like an odd combination of thoughts for one day's diary entry. I wonder if she measured and weighed the boys or if they did that at the school? I would think if she had taken them to a doctor, she would have mentioned that.

And I thought Monday's were wash day?)

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  1. I think maybe they got weighed at school. I remember being weighed at school and told I was really underweight (look at me now), and should eat better (which I thought was up to my mother) Anyway, unless a child is anorectic or ill, just let them alone. They'll fatten up soon enough