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Monday, May 3, 1926

Monday May 3, 1926

Report cards out, second report. They read

Dale Dick Albert
Reading AA AA CB
Language – Oral AA BB
Language – Written AA AA
Spelling AA AA
Arithmetic AA AA
Abstract AA AA
Reasoning AA AA
Nature Study BB
Geography AA
Civics AA
History AA
Writing AA AA+ CB+
Drawing AA BB
Music BB BB+
Physical training AA

Dale perfect in “habits and attitudes of good citizenship” Dick lacking in promptness, self direction, self control and respect for his own property. Albert perfect in “attitudes”.

(I think Albert had fewer grades because he was either still in kindergarten or just in first grade.

Eleanor wrote, "Albert got the low grades in reading and writing, but he's the one who ended up learning languages like Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc."

Albert is the one who became a Jesuit priest and taught Theology at the University of San Francisco. I posted about that here.

Dick must have over come his lack of self-direction. He eventually taught Philosophy at the University of Louisville. I posted about him here.

Dale was a successful businessman and was depuy mayor of Modesto, California at one time.)


  1. They really had a lot of different subjects to get grades in. Now, a lot of those subjects are all under one catagory, like language arts and social studies. I have never even heard of giving a grade for "reasoning".
    Kathy, the older sister

  2. Curious as to when Dale was deputy mayor of Modesto. I have a friend who grew up in the 50s and 60s in Modesto. Hubby and I just took a trip up that way a couple of months ago. Very impressed with the city. It's only 90 minutes from Fresno but doing much better than we are. No homeless and no panhandling on corners.