Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wednesday, May 5, 1926

Wednesday, May 5, 1926
Fair and warm

Scrubbed the porch this morning and got so hot at it that I started a head ache that almost put me out of business for a few hours. Mama came and Mrs. Collins was over so I wouldn’t have gotten at my ironing till afternoon anyway, so after I got my work done I sewed and Mama patched Ned’s new brown wool pants we made last week. In the evening after school Dale put the old swing of Don’s that Guy had given me for Ned so Marjorie could be outdoors and watch the world go by.

(Click here to see what the front porch looked like.)

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  1. Ned sure goes through his clothes fast, doesn't he. I saw a picture of his son, (who is in his fiftys). He looks just like Ned, only he has gray hair. (I haven't seen him in several years)