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Wednesday, May 26, 1926

Wednesday, May 26, 1926
Fair and warm

Cleaned the attics. Mama came over before I got through. She always thinks she has to help me in whatever I do and it is laughable only hard to get my work done. I guess she really means to help, but she really comes to tell me her latest troubles with Winifred and Mable, and she talks so much, she forgets what she came for and I can’t work half so fast with anyone talking to me.

(The house as I knew it had one long attic room, which was really a room under the eaves on one side of the house. It was a dark, dusty place that we were all afraid to go into because along one wall there was a long box about the size of a coffin. Who knew what was in there?!

There were two rooms under the eaves on the other side of the upstairs, which at one time might have been attic space, but these were made in to two small rooms at some point. In one of the rooms, there was a small table next to a cot and on it was the skeleton of long-dead scorpion brought back from somewhere by one of the boys, no doubt.

There are some jobs that go faster with two people, other jobs are best done alone. I guess Grandma preferred to work alone, especially if her Mama wasn't all that interested in getting the work done, anyway.)

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  1. The other reason for not going into the storage attic was there was no floor. You had to step on the beams to avoid going thru the floor. Stuff had to be set securely on the beams too. At different times I slept in the other two tiny rooms, but I don't remember the dead skeleton on the table. The "coffin" in the attic had to be an old trunk full of 'stuff'