Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sunday, May 30, 1926

Sunday, May 30, 1926

The boys went to Sunday school by themselves as usual and Gilbert and I started out together and I helped him on the College car with the babies then walked on to church. I waved at Mrs. Smith across the church and wanted to speak to her but when I got to her place she was gone. Then a lady asked me if I was a stranger, the new minister doesn’t know me at all and I felt like crying as I left the church although the sermon was fine. The boys read most of the time and behaved better than usual so we are enjoyed the day very well.

(I think Grandma knew the previous minister quite well, as he performed her wedding ceremony. But it is was a fairly large church, so it was probably difficult for the new minister to meet everyone. Here's a link with some more information on the history of the church they attended.)

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