Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thursday, May 20, 1926

Thursday, May 20, 1926

The Sunday school entertained their mothers at Mrs. Chantilla White on N. Meridian St. so I got the babies ready. Met Mama at Penn. St. and went. Marjorie went to sleep going and slept all afternoon upstairs on a bed till time to put our wraps on. Everyone admired her then and I certainly am proud to “show her off”. She is such a pretty little baby – not little either – big for her age. But just so sweet and jolly and lovable.

(From reading the diaries, it appears as though most of Grandma's social life was related to her church acvtivities.)

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  1. I remember being taken to one of Mother's church gatherings as a small child. It must have been around Christmas because I was given a wrapped gift, which turned out to be a coloring book.(I always liked to color & draw,which must have carried on to my adult years.