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Wednesday, May 12, 1926

Wednesday, May 12, 1926
Fair and warmer

Mildred’s wedding day

(Mildred, born on March 13, 1904, was the daughter of Grandma's brother, Guy, and his first wife Ella. According to the family history that Grandma wrote, Mildred married Carl Nash and lived in Brownsburg, Indiana all of her married life. She had two children, Joyce Eileen, born June 1, 1929, and James Carl, born June 6, 1932.

It's interesting how the generations overlap. Mildred is my mom's cousin, but my mom (Eleanor) was not born until 1929, so she was more the age of Mildred's children.

Guy and Ella had another daughter, Onarga, and two sons, Robert and Donald. Guy divorced Ella in 1930, and married a woman named Vangie, who worked for him. Onarga (who went by Nan) was also working for her father at the time, but left after the divorce.)


  1. My mother's brothers seemed to have trouble staying married to the same women. They each had at least 2 marriages. I was told that Onarga is an Indian name & my cousin didn't like it

  2. My grandmother's sisters were the same way. Between two of them, there were 11 husbands!

  3. We have a lot of overlapping generations, too. There are thirty years difference in the oldest and youngest grandchildren of both my parents and Philo's parents, with some great-grandchildren older than the youngest grandchildren.

    But we've somehow managed to keep the multiple marriages to a minimum.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. sister with the homestead6:41 PM, May 14, 2007

    Why would someone get married on a Wednesday in the middle of the week? I wonder if she was the first grandchild to marry?