Monday, March 20, 2006

Friday, March 20, 1925

Friday, March 20, 1925

Mama called up that Papa had gotten goods for Dick a pair of pants for his birthday and as I expected to be up town today I thought I would go in the morning while Albert was in kindergarten and have the afternoon to make the pants. However the trip did me up and I was too tired to make pants or do anything else. It wore Ned out, too. He walked all over town.

(Oh, did I mention they had a telephone? Yes, they must have. Grandma doesn't say what she needed to go up town for, but it seems it was a tiring trip. She just didn't jump in her car and drive to wherever. I called Mom and got more information. She would have had to walk to the street car (2 blocks to 10th St.) or take a bus (picked her up in front of their house on Rural St.), ride to a downtown drop off place and then walk to wherever she wanted to go downtown. Her father was Dr. Rolla Campbell, who was a "woman's doctor". Mom thinks he might have had an office in the Hume Mansur building on Ohio St. between Pennsylvania and Meridian. So, she probably walked to his office and her other up town destinations, and thus wore herself out. That's also a lot of walking for a two-year old.)

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