Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thursday, March 26, 1925

Thursday, March 26, 1925

Sewed this morning and made a date to have a morsel at 5:00 left the babies asleep. While I was out a storm came up and I had to hurry home in a pouring down rain. It didn’t rain long so we went to the church for supper and prayer meeting. They had no one to look after children so didn’t get much out of the prayer meeting.

(Who was her "date to have a morsel" with? We will never know. It doesn't sound like it was for a full dinner, which you might expect at that hour, since they went to church later for supper. Mom says that on Thursdays the church always had a supper you could buy for 25 cents and that Grandma often took advantage of this to get a night off from cooking. Once again, the little ones were left alone. Seems to be not too uncommon back in those days to do something like that.)

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