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Sunday, March 29, 1925

Sunday, March 29, 1925

Got a pretty good start and all went to Sunday school and out to Mama’s for dinner. Dick and I stayed for church. Had a good dinner and the boys were quiet, working puzzles, so we had a nice day after all. Guys came a little while to bring Ella and Don. Strange Mama is so willing to keep him 2 days every week and she seems imposed on if she had to ever peek on mine.

(Ella is Guy's 1st wife, and Don is their youngest son. They also had another son, Bob, and two daughters, Onarga and Mildred and lived in Brownsburg. Guy had at least 2, perhaps 3 wives, according to Mom. Guy and Ella were divorced and Guy married a woman named Vengi, who may have been his secretary. (gasp) According to Mom, after the divorce Ella stayed in Brownsburg and ran a small dime store. Guy moved away to Circleville, Ohio.

Don grew up to be a journalist who had a nationally syndicated column about real estate that was in the Sunday edition of the Indianapolis Star, amongst other newspapers, for many years until his death. All of Grandma's brothers (Harry, Bur, and Guy) were in the printing business, including newspapers, so I guess it was in Don's blood to be a journalist. Bob was a teacher. Onarga never liked her name (which was an Indian name) so she went by Nan. She may have worked as a typesetter and had her first and only child late in life (in her 40's!). Mildred was a housewife and that's about all Mom knows, since these cousins were all much older than she was. (Mom says she knows about the wives of her uncles that she remembers personally, but doesn't know about wives that might have come and gone before she was born.)

What about Grandma's comments about the boys being quiet, so "they had a nice day after all"? Perhaps the four boys could be a handful and noisy all together? Maybe that is why her Mama wasn't too keen on watching them for her?)

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