Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wednesday, March 4, 1925

Wednesday, March 4, 1925

Finished cleaning down stairs today – scrubbed the kitchen, etc. Felt awfully tired and couldn’t work fast. The boys were very careful to clean their feet and not bring mud in on the new carpets. They would start in, notice the rugs and back up and wipe feet. Hope it lasts. Have been putting Ned to bed alone and not staying with him these nights and letting him cry it out. Poor baby!

(There is nothing like something new to get you going on cleaning up everything else, so the new thing feels at home. The boys (Dale, Dick, and Albert) seem to play outside a lot, regardless of the weather.)

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  1. Motherhood hasn't changed much! It is still hard for us to leave our babies to sleep at night! Neat blog Carol! I'm glad Sherry sent it to me.