Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thursday, March 19, 1925

Thursday, March 19, 1925
Clear and cool

Expected to get a big day at sewing. This was the day for the class meeting I knew but it was way up north and I just didn’t feel like going on the car with the babies. However, Mrs. Murphy called up and offered to take me and I couldn’t resist. Didn’t sew a stitch. A Russian girl told her experiences as a Red Cross nurse during the war and the revolution. It was interesting. I was glad I went.

(Grandma is referring, I think, to her Sunday School class meeting. She lives on the east side of downtown (a few blocks north of 10th St. and a few blocks south of Brookside park. When she refers to the "car", it is the street car. She was always happy to accept rides with others who had automobiles, which she generally referred to as "machines". The Collins family across the street had a machine and often offered them rides. I have no idea who Mrs. Murphy was. The babies would be Ned and Albert, though Albert is about 5 at this time.

After days of cleaning, cooking, ironing, and sewing, which is how she spent most of her time, Grandma deserved a "day off" to broaden her horizons, so to speak!)

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