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Wednesday, March 18, 1925

Wednesday, March 18, 1925
I cut out some waists for Albert and pants for Ned and expected to get sewing done but Mama came over. It rained most of the day. In the afternoon there was the worst tornado for 50 years in the southern part of the state and Illinois, KY and Missouri. Thousands killed and injured. Towns completely wiped off the map.

(Regarding the tornado, it is still the worst in Indiana history. According to the Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security: "Tri -State Tornado of March 18, 1925 - Began in Missouri, tracked across southern Illinois and ended in southwest Indiana. This tornado lasted more than 3 hours and at times measured one and one-half mile wide. This tornado traveled at 70 mph and was on the ground for a record 220 miles. Seventy people were killed in Indiana, with a total of 689 deaths in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana."

Grandma was just a little off in her geography. I wonder how they go their news?. I think the tornado ended around 5:00 PM, so I assume they had a radio they listened to, as this seems too late in the day to make it into the evening paper.

The other thing you'll start to pick up on was when her Mama came over, Grandma Ruth didn't get a lot done. I'm not sure why but she referenced that Mama talked a lot and it was a strain to listen to her and do work at the same time. (Remember, Grandma couldn't hear very well out of her right ear, anyway.))

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