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Sunday, March 8, 1925

Sunday, March 8, 1925

Didn’t get the dishes washed last night so didn’t try to go to Sunday school. Dale and Dick went and represented the family. Gilbert cleaned up the house and I spent the morning in the kitchen. After dinner Dale and Dick went after some medicine for my cold which is miserable. A Mr. Wier from Gilbert’s Sunday school class called. Also Anna and Ray and Betty Jane. Then Bess and Fred were out for supper. We were sure glad of the rugs.

(I'm assuming that when she says someone called, they actually called on the phone. I confirmed that they did have a phone in the house in 1925. Anna and Ray were friends of Ruth and Gilbert's and Mary Jane was their daughter. Bess was Gilbert's sister. Fred was probably Bess's boyfriend. (Bess did get married, but I don't know if it was to Fred. Her marriage was annulled when they found out that her husband was already married to another woman in New Jersey. Bess never married again.)

So, a typical Sunday... catching up with chores that weren't finished on Saturday, hearing from a few friends, having family over for supper. This confirms that this wasn't the "old days" when people had to sit and do nothing on Sundays. It is also nice to read that Gilbert helped around the house, as well!

Sounds like the rugs have made a difference in how the place looks!)

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  1. I believe "calling" at that time was going to visit. Remember calling cards? Also, when the phone was used, the person would say that so and so called up on the telephone. Phone calls were not as common then as later. Sort of like now...text messages are the prevalent mode of communication for so many.