Thursday, March 02, 2006

Monday, March 2, 1925

Monday, March 2, 1925

Our coil in the furnace had to be renewed. We could hear water boiling but could get no hot water. Bradbury was here most of the morning so I took down my curtains and mended them and cleaned the windows. Didn’t get to washing till afternoon and washed till 5:30. It was a hard day. Had to let the fire go nearly out for him to get the coil out and we got real cold.

(What a day's work! Did she do all the windows, or just the downstairs? She's getting ready for the delivery of the new rugs.)

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  1. I just discovered your blog today and decided to read from the beginning. I am so loving it! What a great idea.

  2. Reading and loving it! Thanks for taking the time to put this here for us to all enjoy and learn from. Very insightful and interesting!

    Darlene Sinclair

  3. hi!
    im in year 11 in high school and writing a creative assignment on the life of a women in the 1920's...
    its a response to a book called The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham...

    my assignment is a diary of the character Molly, who I've worked out to have been a young mother with a newborn daughter in 1925

    your blog has been the most helpful thing I've seen yet as to how the women lived and talked

    thank you so much for this invaluable piece of work!

    xx sarah

  4. Hello from North Dakota! This week I stumbled upon your blog and began reading it from the beginning. It is wonderful and so interesting to read. I find myself thinking "just one more entry, then I'll go do something else." Ten entries later, I'm still reading! haha. Thank you for taking the time to share your grandmother's diary with us! It's such a treasure to have such a wonderful peek into the past.