Friday, March 24, 2006

Tuesday, March 24, 1925

Tuesday, March 24, 1925

It was almost summer today. Ned was so anxious to be outdoors he didn’t want to eat his meals. I got my ironing and mending done but the boys were out playing. Dale at the park playing ball and Dick with Marvin, so I had to leave the little ones and go to the store myself. I was tired, too.

(It sure wasn't summer today in 2006. Raw and cold and snow and some sleet to throw in on the drive home from work. Rainy and wet in the evening. Below average temperatures. Brrrr!

The boys played a lot outside. Do kids do that much today? We worry today that kids today don't spend enough time outdoors and someone has even come up with a condition called nature deficit disorder. They say that "kids are so plugged into television and video games that they've lost their connection to the natural world". If you don't believe me, do a Google search on nature deficit disorder and check it out.

And what's this that she left the littles at home while she went to the store? Doing the math again, because it is difficult to believe, but the little ones would be Albert age 5 and Ned age 2. I assume the store was just up the street a few blocks on 10th St.)

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