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Saturday, March 7, 1925

Saturday, March 7, 1925

The warmest day for this time of year since the weather bureau was established. Cleaned upstairs and did myself up. Was so all in I laid down on my job at supper time. Was taking an awful cold too and was afraid I was in for a sick spell. However I felt if I could only rest I would be all right but that seems an impossibility on this earth.

(Grandma is sure not feeling well during this timeframe, but she keeps plugging along trying to keep the house clean, food on the table, etc. I checked on the Internet to see if I could find out the high temperature on March 7, 1925, but no luck. I did find out that the record high for this date in Indianapolis was actually set in 2000, when we reached 78 degrees. I actually remember that day (in 2000), because I took off to do some work in the garden and it was quite warm!)

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