Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Saturday, March 14, 1925

Saturday, March 14, 1925

This was Phillip Johnson’s birthday and he had a party. Dick and Albert were invited and had a fine time. Dale was very much out of it, but got an invitation to Janet’s next Saturday, so then he felt better. Didn’t do anything special, felt too tired to do more than clean up for Sunday. Maybe some people would call that a day’s work anyway.

(Isn't it nice to know that sibling jealousy has been around for such a long time? Ever been jealous because your sister or brother got invited to a party, and you didn't? Then you got to do something they didn't get to do, so that made it better? Sounds like what happened in 1925! I wonder what was involved in 'cleaning up for Sunday'. I'm sure they all had baths, and I suppose she did some general straightening up of the house. Some weekends, I know I don't get much done but straightening up the house, the rest of the time I am running around on errands, watching TV, taking breaks from doing nothing, etc. And, of course I bathe and more than just on Saturdays :-) ).

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