Thursday, March 09, 2006

Monday, March 9, 1925

Monday, March 9, 1925
Took Albert to kindergarten today. He was crazy about it. There was a whole room full of kiddies. Surely this neighborhood will not be without one again. I was too tired to wash so sat down and made Albert a waist. He needs more since he goes out every day, so I have to get busy. Dale got the best seat at school, having an average of 99 in arithmetic for the month

(I'm not quite sure why someone would start school in what seems to be the middle of the school year, but that seems to be the case for Albert. And apparently they sat kids in order by their grades, at least in Dale's class. We would not do something like that today.

I remember visiting Grandma and don't recall any kids in the neighborhood, so perhaps the neighborhood did "grow up".

And isn't amazing that even though Ruth was too tired to wash (clothes, I assume), she still worked on her sewing. (Remember that "waists" are shirts.)

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  1. When I went to elementary school and junior high school in Los Angeles, there were two entry points for the school year, March and September. I assume Indianapolis had the same system.