Monday, July 24, 2006

Friday, July 24, 1925

Friday, July 24, 1925
Pleasantly warm

Got an early start and went to town while Mama stayed with the boys. I did a lot of shopping and got a lot of sheets, towels, drapes, etc. Got tired but otherwise felt fine and was real pleased over my purchases. Got the boys each a toy or color book. The boys are too rambunctious , their Grandma can hardly stand their noise. I can’t either some days.

(When Grandma says she 'went to town', I believe she is referring to going to downtown Indianapolis to shop. And, I assume she road a streetcar to get there. She probably shopped at places like L.S. Ayres that are now gone from the ciy landscape, replaced by a large mall called Circle Centre. She would be amazed to see the shopping options we have today, but perhaps disappointed that all the local shops that she could walk to are also long gone (though most of those were gone before her death in 1972).

She had previously written that her mother (whom she referred to above as Mama and then 'their Grandma') never seemed to be around to help when she needed her. Sounds like she was helpful on this day.

Oh, and what else would you expect from four boys under the age of 10 other than noise?)

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