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Saturday, July 11, 1925

Saturday, July 11, 1925

Got the boys bathed and dressed to go and suitcase all packed and Mac called up and said they were driving over in the morning early and offered to take them. The boys didn’t want to wait but Gilbert persuaded them and took them to the Ripple for a swim to make up for the disappointment. He took Albert to Mama’s for his vacation and left Ned and me alone for a rest.

(Athough Grandma doesn't come right out and say so, I believe the boys, Dale and Dick, were going to Crawfordsville to visit on their own. Luckily, Gilbert's good friend Mac offered to drive them. Otherwise, I think that they were going to ride the bus there alone, a trip of 50 miles or so.

Mac is Everett McMullen, whom Gilbert met in college. He is the one who convinced Gilbert to move to the city where he could get a job with the gas company. Gilbert first lived with Mac and his aunt when he moved to Indianapolis, and then moved in to a "room for rent" with a family that Ruth knew, the Bells. The Bells introduced Ruth and Gilbert at church.

Note: while looking at Grandma's family history, I noticed that she wrote Dale was born in 1916 and Dick in 1918, which would make them 9 and 8, not 7 and 6 as I thought. I need to do some further research to confirm the dates of their birth!)


  1. Carol, have you looked at the census pages? They just have ages, not dates, and are not always accurate, but they can be useful. On the April 1930 US census the children are listed as "G. Dale" age 13"; "Richard C.[?]" age 12; "Albert J.", age 10; "Ned M", age 6; "Margary R", age 4 years & 6 months; with baby listed as "Eleaner" whose age looks like 7 months.

    For the January 1920 census G. Dale is listed as Gilbert, at age 3 and 3 months, and Richard is age 1 year and what looks like 9 months. So the 1916/1918 dates have some confirmation.

  2. Annie, you are right on about the census data. I'm going to update my banner to reflect the correct dates. Where did you find that census data? Is there a web site?