Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Saturday, July 4, 1925

Saturday, July 4, 1925

The great day for the boys. Up bright and early. The baby seems lots better but cross and glands still swollen. It is a blessing I feel as well as I do, but pretty nervous and tired. Oh how can I stand two years more of baby crying? That is what a baby means. Bang-bang all day. Pretty fire works all night. Gilbert took Dale swimming at Broad Ripple. First watermelon of season

(Seems like not much has changed in all these years. They celebrated the Fourth of July with fireworks, summer activities like swimming, and summer foods like watermelon, just about what we would do today. Mom says she remembers when she was little, the boys, who were then a bit older, would shoot Roman candles off the front porch on July 4th.)

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  1. Sister with the homestead4:26 PM, July 09, 2006

    I was just reading this and thinking -- how do you entertain a one-two year old in the 1920's?
    1. It's hot, no air conditioning so they are uncomfortable.
    2. No TV no Baby Mozart.
    3. No little stand-up saucer that you can put a 6 month old in and they can pretend to be big and stand and play with all the attached toys by themselves.
    4. No Sesame Street
    5. No big brothers playing video games with all the cool sounds.
    6. No plastic yet (right?) so did they have pacifiers?
    7. Did everyone have strollers? Still, no mall to take them to, to look at all the people. (And no time with all the cooking, cleaning, ironing, berry-picking, gardening, etc, etc)
    8. Any swimming pools? No time even if there were many public pools for the "common man."

    No wonder they cried for the first two years of their little lives!

    Of course, when we were growing up there was no cable, no computers, no video games, no cell phones, and we survived!