Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wednesday, July 15, 1925

Wednesday, July 15, 1925

Got my work done easily and went to Mama’s. Stopped at Sablosky’s on the way and got me some larger shoes. Spent the day out there and came home in the cool of the evening. Albert had been saying he was not coming home till the others came, but when he saw me getting ready to leave he said “Oh, I guess I’ll go, too.” So he came with me.

(Thank you to all who kept reading with these diaries day after day, week after week, while they were all sick. I think that is behind them now! Seems like Grandma had a good day... new shoes, a long visit with her mother. Albert spent half a week, by my counting, with his grandmother before he was ready to go back home. The "others" he was referring to were his older brothers Dale and Dick who were visiting in Crawfordsville and not due back until the weekend.)

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