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Wednesday, July 1, 1925

Wednesday, July 1, 1925

This evening we all worked in the yard. Ned seemed so well and happy and suddenly he cried for me to take him. He wanted me to bring him in and I did. Rocked him and finally put him to bed. He went right to sleep and an hour later woke up crying with a burning fever. I could hardly believe it. He was feverish and restless all night.

(Check out the pictures of everyone on Grandma's Pictures to imagine what this family of four young boys would have looked like, all out working in the yard on a summer evening. From what Grandma wrote previously, she had flower beds with cannas and august lilies (hostas) and clover in the grass, which they planted on purpose. In the back there was at least a cherry tree, catalpa tree, and tree of heaven (also known as 'stink tree'), along with grapes (which she wrote about how they were nipped by a late May frost).

Down in southern Indiana, my 'country Grandma' would have been working in a vegetable garden perhaps starting to pick green beans to can. She had a one year old son at this time and was expecting her second baby, due in the fall, the same as Grandma.)

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