Thursday, July 13, 2006

Monday, July 13, 1925

Monday, July 13, 1925
Got up early feeling fine and picked up the cherries left in the top of the tree. We couldn’t reach them before, but now the tree is down I got every one. Got two more quarts canned. Ned was better but a little cross, but he is better off the way he feels to be at home and no one to tease him. Got my quilt out and worked on it a while.

(I feel bad for Grandma that their favorite (and only) cherry tree fell down in a storm the day before. (Did you catch the mention of that in yesterday's diary entry?) But, she made the best of it and picked all the cherries they couldn't reach before and canned them. Those cherries were probably pretty ripe by this time.

I wonder if Grandma viewed her quilting as a hobby or a necessity? We have one quilt that Grandma made; it is a crazy quilt made out of all kinds of wools and velvets with fancy stitching around each piece. She did not got to a quilting store to get the material to make it, instead she used scraps from old clothes. I guess that makes the quilt even more special to have. My older sister also remembers a 'cathedral window' quilt, which I don't remember at all. But then my sister quilts and I don't, so she would probably remember it. She probably also has the crazy quilt! I'm sure other quilts Grandma made are scattered about in the possession of cousins that we see every 10 years or so, if ever.

When we were little, we usually got a hand-made gift from Grandma, which I am sure we did not really appreciate at that time. She also crocheted, and one year she made us crocheted rings out of curtain rings to clip on the inside of our coats to hold our scarves. We did not tell her that as little girls, we really did not have any scarves like that. I'm not sure what happened to those. Another year, she made each of us a decorative pillow, and I've still got mine. I posted a picture of the pillow Grandma made me, probably in the late 1960's, on Grandma's Pictures.)


  1. Sister with the homestead8:58 AM, July 17, 2006


    I'm pretty sure that all of Grandma's quilts went to the California cousins when she died. It was easier to ship than china, furniture etc. I wonder if they appreciated them?

  2. I remember my sister and I getting new Easter dresses sewn for us by our paternal grandmother that had beautiful smocking on top. I recall being very excited to receive and wear them, but probably did not truly appreciate how much work went into them. You have such a treasure here in your grandmother's memories. Your mother Eleanor actually was born in and died in the same years as my father, so our grandmothers' probably shared a somewhat similar early life. I had actually started reading the journal several years ago, but came upon it again and have been rereading it in it's entirety.