Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wednesday, July 8, 1925

Wednesday, July 8, 1925

Mama came over and took Albert down to Papa’s office and he had Dr. Best lance the gland. He did not give him gas but froze it. I guess he screamed and fought like sixty. They got lots of thick pus out of it and Papa took some to have it analyzed by the test showed no tuberculosis germs. He seemed much relieved and happy because they got him some ice cream.

(Is there anything that ice cream can't fix for a young child? Especially after what Albert went through.

I have never heard the phrase "fought like sixty", has anyone else?)

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  1. Carol, my husband & I know we've heard the phrase, but nothing else about it... I thought it was Civil War and he thought it was something with Teddy Roosevelt. Probably neither one!

    The ice cream reference reminded me of having tonsils out in the 1950's - that's what you got then, too.

    Your family saga is wearing me out! It's so fascinating, but how did Ruth make it through the days??