Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thursday, July 2, 1925

Thursday, July 2, 1925

Ned sick as he can be and his glands swollen again. I am so discouraged. It seems as if we will never get over this scourge. Papa brought out some new medicine to take and some things to apply on the glands. I hope it is more effectual than others have been. Mama took my dress home with her for Mable to make.

(It was nice to have a doctor in the family. In her family history, Grandma wrote that her "Papa", Dr. Rolla Campbell, practiced medicine in some form or fashion for fifty years. Around the turn of the century, he was focusing a lot of his time on making medicines and had several "agents" who sold it for him. She wrote: "When the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed he decided that he would have to discontinue his making of his medicines for sale by agents so he decided to limit his practice to make a specialty of gynecology, and not make house calls except in rare cases.")

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