Monday, July 31, 2006

Friday, July 31, 1925

Friday, July 31, 1925

Mary sent the kids over while she went down town. She said she could get me some things, so I sent a list and she didn’t’ get back till after lunch. I had to get lunch for the kids. I made goldenrod eggs and they all were crazy about it. It was a tough day. They make no attempt to govern Robert since was sick and he is terrible.

(Mary was Mrs. Collins across the street. It almost sounds like she was paying Grandma back for having all her kids over there at the Collins' yesterday, by leaving her kids with Grandma. I sitll don't know how many kids there were in the Collins household. Sounds like Robert Collins, at least, was a bit of a handful.

Here's a recipe for goldenrod eggs at this link. If it is the same as what she made, we used to have them as kids, but we called them creamed eggs on toast.)


  1. I too learned to eat this dish at your house when I use to come for my summer stay. I remember in high school my home ec teacher was impressed that I knew how to make it. But we called it egg ala goldenrod.
    I still fix if for myself when I happen to have an extra hardcooked egg in the ref.

  2. Carol,

    Explain further -- what does she mean by "no attempt to govern Robert since was sick." Since "HE" was sick? What was he sick with? Does that mean that they didn't discipline him?