Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sunday, July 26, 1925

Sunday, July 26, 1925

Felt lots better. Just got dinner ready to finish up when Bess came. She and Fred had come over to go to the show this evening. He went to the ball game while she came out here. Gilbert took the boys down town to a show toward evening. Albert hadn’t been anywhere for so long and it was too cool to swim and too late to go to a park.

(Sounds like a nice Sunday, with some company. Bess was one of Gilbert's two older sisters and I assume Fred was her boyfriend. I don't know if Fred was the man she married. Whoever she married turned out to have another wife on the east coast, so the marriage was quickly annulled, and she never re-married. She was about 37 years old in 1925. I previously posted a picture of Bess here. Since the person in the photo with her is identified only as a soldier, I assume it was not Fred, whoever he was! According to Grandma's family history, Bess died in 1970 of a heart attack, which caused a fall and head injuries, with internal bleeding. Born in 1887, Bess was almost 83 when she died. At the time of her death, she lived in the county guardian home, having no money or heirs, other than nieces and nephews.

It seems the boys enjoyed going to movies, and would either go with their father or alone on many occasions.)

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