Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wednesday, July 29, 1925

Wednesday, July 29, 1925

Got done my ironing and pressed pants for all the boys. Was awfully tired when I got done and set down to do my mending while I rested. Then Mrs. Collins came with Robert. They have been out of town. The boys took Albert to the park playground so Robert went up there, too. They had a big time I guess. The first Albert had been up there.

(I don't know about everyone else, but when I sit down to rest, I don't think about picking up mending to do. It seems Grandma was always doing something to keep the boys in clothes... washing, ironing, sewing, and mending. Those boys must have been hard on their clothes.

Mrs. Collins was the neighbor across the street, Robert was one of her sons. The park Grandma was referring to was Brookside Park, which is still one of several large parks in Indianapolis.)

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